Career & Technical Programs of Study

Applied Technologies

Students interested in Applied Technologies tend to be action-oriented problem solvers who like to work with their hands making, building, and repairing all kinds of things. Graduates often find employment in advanced manufacturing, construction, the automotive industry, or the trades.


The Arts career community serves a diverse, imaginative student population that enjoys creating content. These students are socially engaged, global thinkers who are aware of current events and enjoy reading or writing. They may be interested in earning a four-year credential or owning their own businesses. Graduates are employed in a variety of roles including lawyer, interpreter, copy editor, radio personality, and music producer.

Business Technologies

Students interested in Business Technologies tend to be analytical, organized, and work well with others and in teams. Graduates find jobs in a wide variety of fields, including law firms, medical offices, financial institutions, management, government, and not-for-profit organizations.

Health Sciences

Students interested in Health Sciences like to help people feel better. They can work independently, but prefer to work in groups or teams. They are detail-oriented, compassionate, and think critically to solve problems. They work well in stressful situations and do not get queasy around blood or bodily fluids. Graduates find jobs working medical or wellness environments.

Professional Services

Students interested in Professional Services like to use their creativity to help people. They are outgoing and love working one-on-one with a wide variety of people. They can work in groups or teams but prefer to work independently. They are detail-oriented, empathetic, and artistic. Graduates find jobs in helping professions like teaching, mental health, cosmetic arts, and culinary arts.

Public Safety

Students in the Public Safety career community are public service-oriented, highly motivated, detail-oriented, empathetic, patient, resilient, adaptable, and calm under pressure. Skills required to be successful in this career community include assessing hazardous situations, contingency planning, communicating across all levels--including the public, and executing work effectively and efficiently. Graduates find employment in law enforcement, corrections, emergency medical services, firefighting, private firms, and policy think tanks.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Students in the STEM career community enjoy logic challenges and problem solving, and they may be hands-on or theoretical in their approach. These students think critically and analytically and are detail-oriented. They may be interested in using technology to make processes more efficient. STEM students enjoy classes in mathematics and/or natural sciences. Graduates are employed in a wide ranges of careers such as technicians, computer programmers, scientists, engineers, and teachers.

More Opportunities to Learn

In addition to the Career Communities listed above we have Job-ready training in a wide variety of fields and trades, Transfer Diplomas that transfer to a four-year college or university with advanced standing, and so much more!